Sunday, November 14, 2010

And thus the routine goes.......

Days were passing like that... blissful except for the occasionally popping assignments which kept mind-numbing; for the most part of them turned out to b workshop assignments. Life was like it until quizzes started appearing...

It was like a black out.... The topics were new and not so interesting sort..... They were very much poles apart from what it used to b when preparing for JEE.

Limit x-->2 x2 used to be 4 in just one step, but after JEE, in B Tech the no. of steps used to get the answer saw an exponential rise.... ε(Epsilon) and δ(Delta) the extremely petite numbers became very hefty and often covered most of the answer scripts in the exams.

Sphere and Cylinder which are considered to be just simple symmetric object thrived its wings by showing the kids that they have their own very nasty coordinates which thulp students in their physics exams.

Meanwhile Quantum Mechanics kept saying that that there is a finite probability of finding a material out of its well defined boundaries, I don't understand why professors don't use the same principle in giving attendance to us, since according to Quantum Mechanics taught by our chem professors the probability of finding in me in the class is finite when I'm actually snoring in my room.

“One should get proper sleep before the exam to ensure a proper thinking in exam” this is what elders generally say and used to be very much true in pre-university studies, but “One should do a proper night out to do well in the exam” became the popular saying, as we seldom used to attend the classes...

Like a senior once said “It’s a packed social calendar with any gaps filled by the dates of Quiz kind”

Somehow quizzes were over then the festive mood again spread while it’s the SHAASTRA time. SHAASTRA the Annual Tech Fest of IITM and SAARANG the Annual Cul Fest of IITM, They are always accompanied by pre and post fevers...Of course impact laid by SAARANG is much much greater than SHAASTRA. Fests usually housed good grub stalls and pretty girls from all over India. Both of which is very much lacked in IITM.

To our bewilderment some of us realize that some of those good lukin girls are from IITM, which is when most people get enlightened that there is department called Humanities in IITM where people who got selected for HSEEE do their MA, which is also the abode of the above mentioned gud lukin girls most of whom u'll notice to be a Mallu [*wink wink*]

24 hours a day rendered worthless by the myriad of events that bumped round the clock in the insti .Days rolled like minutes during SHAASTRA, & before we realized that the fest is over, Quiz 2 appeared out of nowhere. Quiz 2, some Midsems and the last month November came in a line one by one. There will be always at least two guys (or girls) per branch whom we can ask with confidence the details & the syllabus of the exam the next day, for they would be revising the portion by then.

Meanwhile some of the freshies (My friend is one of them) brought their own lappys, though not allowed officially in their 1st sem, and friends club around and make a list of not 'Things To Do' but a list of 'Movies To Watch' which we have missed during their preparation for JEE while been to purgatory, which we missed during their childhood, and the ones missed because of the delay in our birth, for our Tera Bytes of LAN have all of them....

Before the exam day one of the main aspect of most students include moving around the Xerox centers for notes, by then definitely some fellow or other has already taken a Xerox of notes some good boy (stud) who still maintains a notes...

And then sequence of some of the conversations goes in phone like

“Macha u have listened the classes properly naa could u put some fundaes for me reg 2moro's test?”

“Dude I myself was an asshole sleeping in the class, better we both go to _______ (Some stud non RG guy)”

“K then lets go and have a coffee and have a nice start...”

During 1st SEM most of us used to envy ED (Engineering Design) guys whom we can spot either sleeping or putting peace in their rooms, for they have only 18 credits in their 1st SEM which is compensated in their later sems.

By November most of the workshops and labs get over and again exams reappear which by then are well upgraded like Agent smith in movie Matrix, and there are only very few Neos, and many Morpheus'(Guys who strongly believe that Neo is gonna help them). November started and Time made a leap and suddenly we found ourselves in exam halls writing end sems, and I don't remember having had any time to prepare.
Nothing to write about exams, starting the day before, spending some quality time burning midnight oil with a hope to write well, but end up gaping at the question papers and struggling with answer scripts...

Many people start realizing the potential of Debit and Credit cards, and learn that there's a website called IRCTC which eventually becomes their gateway to book tickets, though few choose to travel by air. (Though there are some studs who already know them)

The thread of events gets a break in December, when we go home of course after completion of our NCC/NSS camp, and for the first time in the life u feel that it’s boring in home, if it’s not for parents’ u hardly wish to go home. Even the things we hate become quite lovely when we know that we would soon gonna miss them

And for the rest of the holidays you become campus sick...........

Sunday, August 8, 2010

In the room of computers....aka DCF

I have been an ideal student for first one week like anyone else at their beginning, getting up early, brush, taking bath, breakfast and then rush to class..

eventually among the above list two things claimed their superiority over others ‘brush and rush’ the rest started disappearing….

Thursday morning, we have only one class in the whole morning, ThermoD, which is the class i tried to maintain good attendance coz sir seemed to take more care on students, this made me feel to maintain notes even, and the only class I was interested in sitting in first bench,

but the place which I liked also seemed to be liked by another girl of EE but our batch, though I was not sure whether to sit in the same bench along with her, I made up my mind that I will sit only there since I came first, and after all this being the only class I maintained a notes..

The girl didn’t feel slightest remorse sitting beside me(ofcourse the bench is too big to accomodate three people), most of my ThermoD lectures I shared my bench with her, though I never spoke to her, as I already told you I fear talking to girls. I used to have a intuitive feeling that the girl is gonna beat me, I dont know why I felt like that, but later learned that she is indeed a good girl.

Everything is going on fine and unfourtunately we were given access to DCF(Departmental Computing Facilities), there is a reason why i call it unfortunate, right from that very moment I used to stay more in DCF than my own hostel room, and always chatting….

My number friends on G-mail etc grew like anything, and I have been addicted to orkut, for the sake of which I even used to skip my meals… & for this very reason I was given another name, my most popular name, and the one which I like “orkut”…I felt it much better than my previous name “crying baby”, actually I am grateful to one of our hostel mechanical senior for giving me that name……

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the campus of deer

The Deer in the campus IIT Madras
Hmmm….. I don’t know where to start, I have sundry numerous thoughts apparating into my mind from various corners, when I particularly sit to write something that is some way concerned to me. Yet I strictly restricted myself to write the things that have taken birth after this very campus IITM begot me, restraining the urge within me which tells to write something of my school days which turned out to be the best of my life till now, which is nothing other than the life in a “JNV”. I am not sure whether all of you guys had encountered this name before, hope at least some of you had….

That day as I remember is Aug 1st, 2009, the day I’ve stepped in the college along with my parents, and the moment I entered my hostel a guy almost ran into me asking or rather confirming whether I belonged to room 370, my lips barely answered yes, the guy started pounding his questions and almost dragged me away from my parents to talk with me and had gone to length of using slang (yet friendly) words as if we know each other for ages.

I encountered my first shock, I was a guy who used to think that I know too many different types of personalities… Dumbstruck!! Had my first failure in the campus, “this guy” is bizarre.., his behavior was pretty peculiar, though I admit it lacked some novelty, turned out to be my roommate 370 A, myself being 370 B.

Huh!!! “I need to spend one year along with this guy?” ah! Felt a stone trough my throat. There are some more guys from my college, some of them whose luck managed to get them a single room,
I thought why these IIT administration guys lacked brains, why don’t they keep guys of the same college in same hostels! This was my first reaction, the worst thing hit me when I came to know that my room is capable of housing two people, which was made to be a triple sharing one this year.

For a while, the pictures of Hitler’s concentration camps from my 9th class CBSE textbooks stuck to me. A chilled sadness spun into my ecstatic mind. This of course didn’t survive long.

After getting into the room and taking a shower, I again set out, for some other formalities and some documentation in our hostel office.

The next thing is the one I was longing for, ‘my cycle’! After spending two academic years in a small crowded place where actually there were more number of books than men for a square meter, riding my favourite vehicle into the indefinite vastness made me feel the best.

I had ridden motorbikes by that time, but I thought it wasn’t just me when I was first time on my new bicycle. Dunno why, but cycle always had a special place in my heart.

It was for me an amusing experience riding my cycle with my mom on it, the point at which she felt gratified and spoke out “I didn’t know you had grown up so fast”, with her eyes full of mist. My heart answered instantly,“ I am always a kid to you, mom, who still wants to sleep amidst of his parents being protected by them”.

Breaking this sentimental scene came my loving dad giving his reports on his investigation of the different available prepaid cellular services, awaiting my reply to choose one among them. “A mobile entirely for myself!” I felt good. Though, till then I had used mobiles of my dad, mom and bro none of them I can claim my own.

The first two days went on with similar shopping of mundane objects accompanied by lectures or more appropriately talks by GCU(Guidance and Counselling Unit), which turned out to be funny yet resourceful.
End of the second day marked a difference my parents left for my hometown roughly 700 km apart from my location, felt my inner self urging somewhere in me, asking me to go with them…….. ( I have certainly been in a hostel before but that was different, the place was barely 5 km from my home and everyone wondered that my parents used to hang around our hostels more than our own beautiful house, which could be reached in less than 5 min on my dad’s bike)..…

But now I am in a province that is alien to me in its culture and language, the consolation came within from me saying “hey you share the same country with your parents, you aren’t on a distant planet, cool down man, chill out, hang around and see the beauty around you, the campus is awesome.” I thought “yeah, it’s true”.
The next moment my eyes started searching for beauty present around or rather at the beauties passing in front.

My mind instructed “Hey you, go and start making friends with them.” But my legs seemed stationary, being in the boys’ hostel for two years made me feel sick and coward to converse with new ones especially when they are of the opposite gender.

“Girls, not murderers, they don’t shout at you because you are talking with them, you idiot!!” my mind instructed again to converse with the girls, yet I felt that my limbs are no longer taking any orders from my mind, regarding this, the girls went off, allowing my mind go back into a sad situation……

After taking a sip of coffee, I met two seniors who inquired about me and asked or rather demanded my presence in roll calls that night in the common room.

“Roll what? And where do they exactly occur?” I enquired them, not knowing even a bit of what they were talking about.

Then one guy said “nothing dude, just make sure you come to that room by 8:30 sharp, along with your roommates and by that time you should know my name” my senior said pointing me a corner room in my hostel.
The time was 8:15, and I was still in mess carrying my empty plate for food, in a big queue, checking out my watch, I’ve started taking big gulps. The time was 8:35, and I was in our what is known as a common room.

A big crowd, some students whom I speculated to be my seniors were enjoying TV in too many different poses while some students sat at the back of the hall staying mum. I crossed past them and made myself comfortable along with my wing mates.

Then there came a guy who sat beside me, seemed to be an enthusiast, started the conversation “Hey, how do you do, I feel tensed what the name they are going to give me!”

“Pardon, come again”

“Names dude, they are gonna name us now?”

“Name us?”

“Holy shit, you don’t know what do they do now?”

“I thought we are here to introduce ourselves, to get to know our fellow beings as of told by a senior to me”

“Of course, that is when we are given names, our nicknames or call it the insti name” the guy answered to me, his interest seemed to shoot up like an exponential curve.

“Oh is it! My name is RAVI and my nick is PANDU, which is how my parents call me in my home, well yours?”

“By the nick I don’t mean the pet name with which your family members call you in your home, here you are given a different nick based upon your interaction and any incident with seniors, and please don’t pour any extra questions, I am tired of it and apparently you seem to know nothing.”

“Why the hell do I require a name here?” My reaction was obvious as for any freshie with limited information like me.

Then there came a bunch of seniors who introduced themselves as different secretaries to the hostel, and asked other seniors to help them in conducting roll calls peacefully.
There was a big scream, “f*** off.”

I was surprised, evidently knowing it was some vulgar word, but didn’t actually know what it was. (I never thought that this very word will soon become part of everyday language.)

And then seniors made a guy stand on the table and he started introducing himself……

“Abey saala jhor se bol” seniors screamed.

And I can’t believe what I heard following were none other than vulgar words, one after the other, apparently his name was also tagged with some vulgar funda! I felt uncomfortable, sensing this one senior took me out to have some fun and asked me some questions regarding porn and the vulgar language which I barely knew by then, the next reaction came out without any intimation as jet of tears from my eyes.

“Hey, you need not answer them if you are really uncomfortable”… There was a long pause and I was offered a 7up, which I naturally denied.

“Hey your name is ‘crying baby’ and your funda is that you started crying when a senior whose name you have to find on your own, asked you regarding porn”

I got my first name “crying baby” didn’t sound good yet I sensed it to be better than what the guy in the room got, a bit happier that my name has got nothing to do with vulgarity..

Even day 2 and day 3 marked a mysterious hatred feeling towards Roll Calls. But the day 4 I was actually curious what dirty name the next fellow is going to get!

I re-checked my opinion and thought whether I am becoming cruel, a voice inside me the result of three days stay on campus told “Dude, take lightly, it's in your age, nothing wrong and remember that you are going to be an adult in less than two months.”

One senior who happened to be our lit-sec announced “Hey, listen all of you, those who else are yet to meet their GCU student counselors must have to meet by today night before the Zero hour.”

“Zero hour, who the hell is this expecting us to be awake by the zero hour,” I thought and checked the watch which read 11:48 pm.

Suddenly, many people started rushing to their GCU student counselors.

I am sure I will no way meet him before tomorrow, and lost in thoughts I came to my bed which is inviting me onto it like a lover who left away ages ago.

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